learning support.

Confused about what to do after Grade 12 or what subjects to choose in Grade 10? Too many choices and not sure which career suits you best? Why waste many years studying something that you are uncertain about when you can have help deciding.

The purpose of a career and subject choice assessment is to better understand oneself and to explore career options based on school results, abilities, interests and personality. School results are viewed to determine if you have enough points to enter a tertiary institution and if the learner has the subjects needed by a tertiary institution for a particular career field. It is also looked at to see how well the learner is performing in the subjects needed and whether or not the learner will need assistance in making the requirements. The scores in the abilities test will determine the likelihood of the individual’s success in an area which they have not been given prior training. It is important to enjoy what career you chose and that is why an interest assessment is vital. If a person is happy with the job that they are doing then they are more likely to succeed in that field. The personality assessment allows an individual to become more self-aware.

This awareness will allow the individual to see where his or her preference lies. Certain personalities suit certain career paths, for example an introverted person is less likely to enjoy a career that will place him or her in the limelight. Once a learner has an idea of which career they will be pursuing after matric, they can narrow their subject choices to those that will gain them entry into a tertiary institution and benefit them for that particular career choice.

I offer a comprehensive career and subject choice assessment. A personalized report is issued upon feedback.